Monday, September 13, 2010

dear john

Words have been agonised over, meanings dissected. We are moving our boy to another school in the hope that they will be able to see him as the wonderful, bright and interesting young man that he is rather than as a problem to 'be handled'. The 'Dear John' email has been written to the current school, but not yet sent. The decision to move schools has been long-coming and excruciating. It is such a cliche to say that liberal ideals are all well and good when the child is not your own, but 'things are different when it is your own child' in consideration.

So far, we have had a more-than-could-be-expected warm welcome to the new school. They are organising a transition program for Erin into the school. He will even get a bit of funding through this system. The days have a strong routine and rhythm. They seem up to date and understanding of kids on the spectrum. All good things. We just need to let the other school down gently, it truly is like breaking-up.

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